Monday, April 25, 2011

Puppy treats benefit Animal House shelter

Now that it feels like springtime in Fort Collins with rolling storms and flowers blooming, it is nice to know that you can bring your puppy to Funkwerks and enjoy a beer out on our fenced-in patio.

With the addition of our picnic tables along with the patio table and chairs, there are plenty of places to sit, relax, and enjoy some sun with your furry friend. We even have little puppy bags for easy cleaning of the lawn.

Most importantly, though, we have doggie treats for your companion to snack on with donations going to Animal House. This local animal shelter provides a second chance to pets that may have been euthanized elsewhere. Also providing grooming for your pooch, Animal House is a great place to go and get some of that fur off for the warm days ahead. All proceeds help ensure care for all the Animal House guests waiting for adoption.

So, please help us here at Funkwerks this summer raise as much as we can.  A treat for you brings another meal for one less fortunate.




  1. A site called PetAg also provides amazing dog treats.

  2. I hope a lot many people would have turned up for this event. Puppy treats is a great thing to do. Kudos.