Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Craft Beer App

Funkwerks is proud to partner with the Craft Beer App for iPhone, a new and frequently updated media outlet dedicated to all things craft beer. We have six of our brews featured on the app, so download it to read up on our beers and others from craft breweries across the country.

With the Craft Beer App, you can enjoy a world of beer at your fingertips. The main menu guides you through beers by region, or you can use the app to pair your beer with a meal, gain knowledge of a beer's heritage, or read blogs from various brewers.

While you're exploring the app, don't forget to visit the Funkwerks page and rate our fine brews. I definitely have our Maori King listed as one of my favorites!

To learn more or buy the app, check out the Craft Beer App.



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