Monday, October 10, 2011

Nicole recovering from an explosion of hop dust

Here at Funkwerks we take pride in our work. From great beers to great service, we always hope you’re enjoying your experience with us, whether it’s visiting our taproom or enjoying one of our beers at another location.

 Our head brewer, Gordon Schuck, puts a lot of work into developing the recipes and brewing our Belgian ales. However, he’s not the only one getting his hands dirty brewing in the back. In fact, I think you’d be quite surprised to know who else has been involved in the brewing process to produce some of our celebrated beers. One person that may come of no surprise is our assistant brewer, Andy Mitchell. While he’s helped Gordon brew many times, he’s also had the opportunity to brew one of his own recipes. The largely popular ‘Cochon’ was Andy’s first home-brew recipe that he was able to brew on a large scale for us here at Funkwerks. Although we may be a little biased, we think it turned out delicious!

A trio you might not expect to have been involved in the brewing process is our taproom ladies! That’s right- Jean Parker-Renga, Laura Szumilas and myself have also had the opportunity to try our hand at professional brewing. While we followed Gordon’s recipes and were guided by him the whole way, we were honored to be a part of the process. Jean and Laura helped brew our flagship Saison and I got to assist in the brewing of our Tropic King. Gordon led the front of house gals through the whole process offering us an abundance of knowledge (and patience) as we learned something we had never had the opportunity to take part in before!

Lastly, Carolee Davis also had the opportunity to brew with her now husband. Carolee and Gordon worked hard to to make Mon Tresor (My Treasure), which they brewed for their special day. Enjoy, you two!! But as they are so kind, they’ve also brewed enough to share with us in the taproom, so expect it to be released soon!

Please be sure to check out our events page here at the Funkwerks website as well. We’ve got plenty of things coming up that take place outside of the taproom and are sure to be a good time. From beer dinners to fundraisers, something’s always happening around here, and for that we’re grateful!

Thanks for checking in!


Nicole with recovering from some blinding hop dust

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