Monday, June 2, 2014

Funkwerks Got a New Toy

We got a Randall!

A Randall (also known as a Hop Rocket), that was originally invented by Dogfish Head brewery, is an in line infuser. We use to infuse beer with different types of hops, fruit, vegetables, and whatever else our Funkwerks hearts desire! We could even infuse the beer with bacon….. mmmmm, bacon….
Justin playing with his new toy!

The device simply hooks up to the draft system between the keg and tap. We fill the Hop Rocket with peaches. The beer flows from the keg into the Randall where the beer is infused with peaches and from the tap we are now pouring a Peachy Tropic King!

Every infusion is an experiment that allows us to come up with fun creations, such as Mango Habanero Saison, or Pineapple Deceit. The downside? Each beer creation is fairly brief. Because the Hop Rocket needs to be cleaned with every keg change, each batch lasts the duration of a keg.

Make sure you can come in and try whichever fun invention we come up with, while it lasts!

We've done a Citra hopped Saison, a Amarillo hopped Saison, and Saison with espresso coffee and cocoa nips! Come in and let us know what you want to see go into our Randall!
Citra hops in the Randall

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