Monday, March 31, 2014

Flavor Tripping

Never having tried the flavor altering substance known as Miracle fruit, the Funkwerks gang decided to get together and “flavor trip.” We tested a few of the different forms of miracle fruit; dried, powder, and pill form. Best results were found with the powder and pill form from and mberry.

Synsepalum dulificum is a berry, commonly known as Miracle or Magic Fruit, composed of protein molecules that bind to the tongue’s taste buds and activate sweet receptors when it comes in contact with acidic foods. Originating in West Africa, Miracle fruit is consumed before a meal to sweeten plum wine, beer, and to improve the flavor of soured corn bread and other foods that easily sour.  

A smorgasbord Lemons, limes, hot sauce, salty Chex Mix, Sour Patch Kids, and of course, our sour brown ale, Oud Bruin. Although miracle fruit is reported to only activate with low pH foods, we experimented with all of the taste buds. After letting the powder fully dissolve, our puckered faces relaxed. The lemons tasted like refreshingly sweet lemonade, and Oud Bruin tasted like sweet Belgian ale with no sourness. As to be expected there was no taste difference in the Chex Mix, and not a noticeable difference in Frank’s Red hot sauce, however there may be more of an effect with a more acidic hot sauce.

Walking away with stomachaches from all the candy and citrus, it was universally decided we enjoyed our Oud Bruin more when our taste buds were not under the influence. Nonetheless it was an interesting experience.

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